Solar Panels
Solar Panels

In the age of global warming it is incumbent upon every person to look into how they can make their lifestyle more eco-friendly and therefore sustainable.

Unless every individual in society makes changes to their energy use and the way they think about consumption then the Earth's atmosphere may undergo some irreversible changes which may prove disastrous for humanity and more importantly our future generations.


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Welcome to the Eco-Friendly Living Methods Website


Welcome to the Eco-Friendly Living Methods website. As well as looking at our consumption habits and getting involved in such activities as recycling, the biggest thing we can do to help our environment is to switch from our over reliance on fossil fuels which pump out harmful emissions into our atmosphere, to renewable energy sources.

What are renewable energy sources? Renewable energy is a source of energy that can be generated naturally from a natural source or some kind of natural mechanism that doesn’t run down or run out, such as the sun, or the wind, to name two. These types of energy can be replaced naturally and do not harm the environment. The search for the best source of renewable energy is on-going, and although we have the ability to harness sunlight, wind and wave power, none of these are as efficient as we would need them to be just yet in order to replace fossil fuels.

The demand for energy is great all over the world, and in order for renewable energy sources to become our main source of energy they need to have greater outputs and to create these outputs more efficiently than they currently do, meaning that the technology that allows us to harness these sources should also become cheaper and more accessible. As it stand solar power is the closest to this ideal, and the technology continues to be refined. Get in touch with us here at the Eco-Friendly Living Methods website with all your views and feedback.

Turbines consist of a series of fans, one in front of the other, which drive a shaft when they rotate. The shaft in turn drives a generator. Alternate fans always remain stationary. The position and shape of these fans direct the pressurised steam, or water, onto the rotating fans with the maximum possible force.

At the end of the shaft is a large magnet, which is surrounded by a coil of wire, inside the generator. As the magnetic core rotates, it causes an electric current to flow through the wire coil.
Recreation spin-off from geothermal power Bathers enjoy the heated Blue Lagoon, filled with waste geothermal water produced by the Svartsengi Power Station in Iceland.

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